Over the weekend, I went to Great North festival in Norridgewok, ME. On Saturday Twiddle played 2:00-3:00, then Nahko + Medicine 3:30-5:00, then back to Twiddle 5:30-6:30… Amazing. During Twiddle’s first set, I dropped a dose. During Nahko’s set I was peaking and during Aloha Ke Akua Nahko stops the song and says “How many of y’all have seen the Aloha Ke Akua video?” The crowd cheers. “Well the guy that made that video’s name is Stephen Canino and he’s right there.” He points to me, dead center in the crowd. I don’t know what he said from there but everyone in the crowd started hugging me and cheering and showing sooo much love. It was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. I’m sure Nahko knows how socially awkward I am and he’s laughing on stage as I flip him off. I fucking love that man.

Rebels are the only ones who will bring real change to the world, the rest are set in their ways.
Someday I’ll fall in love with a girl who will finish all my half written songs.